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Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Review – Everything You Need To Know

If you are rubbing shoulders with photographers, there is no chance you are not excited about the brand new Canon release – the 5D Mark 4 camera which many praise as the best Canon camera of all time. In order to justify those statements, we are reviewing it in full detail below.

Canon EOS 5D Series: The Most Recognizable Camera Lines Of The Digital Age

From camera enthusiasts to professionals, the Canon EOS 5D series took the world by storm ever since they were introduced to the marketplace. The Canon 5D Mark IV is a great example of the bold moves that Canon makes with each new release.

Although the model is very similar to its predecessor, it packs a lot more features than it – and the most exciting ones are the following:

One thing is certain from the listed features above: Canon really made their cameras better this time.

The brand new 30.4 megapixel CMOS sensor is also among the novelties that Canon introduced to us with the 5D Mark IV release. On top of that, the camera uses the Digic 6+ processor which works like clockwork and a 61-point AF system that expands the vertical coverage up to 24% compared to the Mark III predecessor.

The 4K video capture is something we definitely expected in the brand new Canon camera series, but what we got is even better – a feature that can either record in 24 or 30p with a 1.64 crop. Every picture on the Canon EOS 5D is captured as Motion JPEG and the camera allows 4K Frame Grabs with a power of 30 fps while shooting.

Canon 5D Mark IV: The Key Features & Specs

Before going in detail on every spec, here is the full list:

What we can see from these specs is that the brand new Canon 5D Mark IV offers a great upgrade in terms of resolution with its powerful 30.4MP sensor. Compared to the old 22.3MP, the resolution on the Mark IV is just phenomenal – not to mention the drastically improved dynamic range, shadow noise and banding. Thanks to a design that now uses analog to digital conversion, the new Canon 5D model shoots photos with less shadow noise and better dynamic range.

The colors on the Canon 5D Mark IV are a different story as well. They are improved through the AF system and the RGB-IR metering sensor – and are more real than ever. From faces to landscapes and even motion pictures, the Mark IV impressed us with its versatility when shooting different modes.

The new Canon 5D Mark IV shoots sharper photos, especially because it has an increased coverage feature which in this case, is a pretty big improvement. If you are a fan of shooting portraits, you’ll immediately notice the enhanced subject identification which makes subjects (including faces) to appear more naturally and brought to more life, while the background remains in second person.

The Canon 5D Mark IV is amazing when it comes to face detection and tracking as well. With just a single tap on the touchscreen, you can specify your subject – just like on your smartphone, but with a 50 times better camera, right?

There are many new tricks including the Dual Pixel Raw – an option that records two 30MP images from two different perspectives (photodiodes) at each pixel and combines them. The results is a crisp photo you will be amazed of.

Wait, Did We Say Touchscreen?

Yes – the touchscreen is among the best features on the Canon 5D Mark IV. Truth is, even if you are an old-fashioned photographer thinking of this feature as one that is ‘simply too much’ – chances are that you are going to love it. Wondering why?

Well, the Canon 5D Mark 4 comes with a touchscreen that only makes things better – instead of complicating them. It is great for taking quick snaps that you can instantly configure even before making the shot. Time-saving and user-friendly, the touchscreen is the next leap forward Canon introduced us to.

On top of that touchscreen, it also packs an in-built WiFi feature which lets you seamlessly transfer your photos and enjoy the power of going cable-free. And if you ever feel paranoid about your current location, don’t worry – because there is a new GPS feature in the Canon Mark IV.

In the end, the best way to see the greatness of the revolution that Canon made with this model – is to compare it to its predecessors. Speaking of, the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV beats both the Mark III and 5DS models in terms of improved ISO range, AF points, Live View, LCD, Burst Rate, Video and a lot of other features, as well as the first-time move with the GPS and  in-built Wi-Fi.

If that is not a reason to buy it, we don’t know what is. One thing is certain though: the Canon 5D Mark IV gives the best bang for the buck. If you’re interested in buying one I found a great deal here for a body only, or if you’d prefer they’re fairly reasonable with a lens.

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